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I need more people on my friends list who read comic books. Does anyone secretly read them or want to start?

I just got into Daredevil (volume 2), and I can't think of any comic book I've ever liked better.

I wasn't interested in Daredevil originally because a) I prefer team books to solo series, and b) I had heard that the movie wasn't great, which is admittedly a stupid reason, but I was more interested in other books so yeah. Then I saw him around the pages of other books, and I don't know, something just piqued my interest.

I figured that the beginning of a new volume was as good a place to start as any, so that's where I began. I was pretty much hooked from the start, and aside from the fact that I don't like fridging as a plot point, it only got better. A lot of stories have "morally grey" heroes where "morally grey" is code for "wrong", but Matt's choices really were morally grey, and it was easy to see how he was wrong but right at the same time. And when Luke yells as him for being a liar, well Luke's right, but Matt's right, too.

I also really liked the supporting characters, especially Black Widow, which is funny because I didn't expect to like her, because I read comics out of order and I'm prejudiced against anyone who was pro-registration during Civil War. But I really liked her here, and I can't really imagine how the same person who was so close to Matt when his life was ruined because his identity got out could then go and be pro-reg. I've heard you're supposed to take character's actions during Civil War with a grain of salt because everyone was completely OOC, so I guess I should just pretend it never happened?

Anyway, I haven't quite caught up, I'm only in the low 90s, so don't spoil me, but if anyone happens to read DD please spam me with thoughts and discussions!

Icon is Emma just because it's Marvel, but maybe I'll make a Black Widow (or Daredevil) icon.

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Deleted comment

I haven't, but I heard it's really bleak/depressing and that there are no good female characters. Do you want to try to convince me to read it though?

Deleted comment

I thought they stole everything in Heroes from X-Men?

So if you own it, maybe I'll borrow it from you next time I see you (which is I don't know when)? Meanwhile, I'm going to buy some Daredevil trade paperbacks, so you can borrow from me if you want.

Deleted comment

It's unfortunate that you got into comics just when Marvel finally alienated me with its racism and sexism.

For "Black Widow," check out her MAX imprint series' first collection, "The Things They Say About Her." It's a bit darker than regular Marvel, but I remember loving it. I should reread.

Who's the writer on the volume you read? So it's easier to locate, in case I want to check it out.

Also! Did I already get you to read "Alias?" I forget.

This is the most belated comment ever, but I fell so behind on LJing during Yuletide woe.
What specifically made you drop Marvel? I tried to get into DC via both Huntress stuff and early Birds of Prey, but I couldn't really get into the stories, even though I liked the characters...

I ordered a Black Widow trade paperback which I should be getting in a few weeks--I think that one was it.

Bendis wrote most of Daredevil v2, then Ed Brubaker, and now it's Andy Diggle. I think Bendis is supposed to be like Joss in that his early work is really great and then it ends up being just more of the same and you get sick of it. But I still read New Avengers, which he writes, because I like most of the characters in it.

I read Alias a while ago, and I really liked it. I think Jessica's supposed to be getting back into the superhero business soon...not sure how I feel about that.
Marvel editor in chief has told us in so many different ways that Marvel is all about white men and we really shouldn't expect them to do well by minorities and women. Because they apparently don't read comics. Sigh. Also, a woman complained about sexism in some comic, and he was all, "If you think we're sexist, why do you read?" *headdesk* There's been a lot of stuff in recent years, and I'm just a bit wary of Marvel these days.

Have you seen They usually keep a track of gender fail in comics and the comics industry.

I couldn't get into early "Birds of Prey" either. I started reading from when Gail Simone started writing. I'll upload those for you?

Generally, DC doesn't work for me, but the Batverse is interesting and closer to the Marvel heroic formula, so I read that from time to time. I'll upload some Barbara Gordon stuff, too, as she's awesome. For Huntress, you have to get her awesome from "Birds of Prey" and then go back and appreciate her backstory, which is one of the darkest and the most unrelenting ones I've found in fiction.

I think Bendis is generally compared to Joss Whedon, no? But yeah, his recent stuff is kind of crappy. I should probably go back and finish reading his Avengers run as I was shipping Spider-woman/Captain America for some reason.

Tzippy, since you're fond of "Alias," I should try converting you to the "The Inside" one of these days.

Also! Are you on AIM or some other kind of messenger these days?