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Rosh Hashana

So all day yesterday I thought it was Wednesday, and I was a little bit worried about fitting in shopping for Rosh Hashana into Thursday (which I thought was today) when I hadn't even finished the menu. And then this morning I looked at the calendar, and guess what? Today is Wednesday!

I'm going to try this recipe for avocado soup to make for Sunday lunch, I think, if I can find good avocados.

Matzah balls with flour?

We're making matzah balls for our soup and we don't have enough matzah meal...is there any reason I shouldn't substitute some of it with flour?


Photo scanning

Do photo places have services where you can bring in a bunch of photos and they'll scan them for you and give them back on a CD or a flash drive or something? I know there are services where you can send it in by mail but I'm more interested in something fast.

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Around my birthday, my father put money in my account and told me to get myself some jewelry with it. Around the same time, my debit card expired and I didn't get my new one until a while later, so I pushed it off. Until recently, when I realized that I had to spend that money on the gift before I accidentally spent it on something else, considering it was the last gift I'd ever get from him.

So I split it up into two purchases, and I bought this necklace (which just arrived a few days ago) and this locket necklace. Yeah, I know, lockets are a little bit childish, but screw that. I am someone's child.



You guys1!

This week's parsha has my "favorite" pasuk in it!

1. "You guys" being abby2207, conundrum1, git_eli7, mirideee and nikmik2t. And maybe kachkachface?

Ice cream

I don't remember when exactly I discovered this, but I don't think I've told everyone I know yet. If you've ever wondered why Israeli ice cream is so nasty, it's because it's a misnomer: it's made with vegetable oils and assorted milk products. I know, right?

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Mazal tov

Ever since I got up from shiva, people will occasionally say to me, "Have a good day," and not that it upsets me or that I don't appreciate the sentiment, but it generally leaves me thinking, what on earth could possibly happen to make me have a good day?

Well, today was a good day.

ninabrujaha had a baby boy.

Got up from shiva this morning, and I'm working on a complete post about the whole thing, but it's going to be incredibly long. I'm thinking of posting it in pieces, but it's really one story, so I'll probably end up posting it all together.


I can't talk about it yet

Well, that's not quite true. I can talk about it, but not in such a public forum. I guess when it's all over, I'll make a post about it. I'm in New Jersey, by the way; got a flight Thursday morning.

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Joss Whedon

Saw Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog for the first time today. I'm not posting spoilers here (although spoilers are welcome in the comments), just in case I'm not the last person on the internet to see it, but what on Earth is wrong with Joss Whedon? I mean, he's been doing the same thing for years now--surely somebody has thought to let him know that he's not quite the women's champion he thinks he is. Why can't he, you know, grow and change?

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