One damn minute, Admiral. (trempnvt) wrote,
One damn minute, Admiral.

Egged finally did something I like!

I've complained on here about Egged (the main bus company here) a bunch of times, so I figured it's only fair to post that they've done something right. They raised their prices on January 1st, but the new tickets also serve as unlimited transfer tickets. It used to be that ₪5.90 got you one ride, and if you wanted a transfer, you had to pay ₪6.30 and the ticket was valid for one hour. There's also a card called a cartisia that cost about ₪47 and could be used for ten single-bus rides (the tickets are punched for each ride). Now, the price for a regular ticket is ₪6.20 but you can use it for unlimited transfers within an hour and a quarter tine period. And best of all, cartisiyot are ₪49-ish and they can also be used for transferring! The driver prints you out a pass when you get on with a cartisiya and it says until what time you can use it. This new policy doesn't help people who need unlimited monthly passes, but for the rest of us, an improved transfer pass has been lowered from ₪6.30 to ₪4.90 and a regular one has only gone up from ₪4.70 to ₪4.90. One might even say that this is Egged's best move since the introduction of unlimited yearly passes for students.

In other news, yesterday I bit into a muffin and chipped a tooth. Not really sure how that happens, but now I have a distinctive smile! Just kidding, it's barely noticeable.
Tags: food, this country, via ljapp
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You chipped a tooth on a muffin? How is that possible?
That's a good question, and I wish I had an answer for you.
Hurray. When I was in Israel over the summer I traveled to Haifa and they had already implemented that system - apparently as their test city. I'm glad to hear Jerusalem is now adopting it as well.
I didn't realize they had it outside of Jerusalem. The other evening I met someone from Tel Aviv who was so impressed with it.
I have a chofshi chodshi so I'm not really affected by the switch. Tho it is cool. The biggest issue I see with this is that Egged busses are still pretty unreliable. Meaning that you may very well spend much of your 75 minutes waiting for a bus or stuck in traffic... But I'm happy you're happy!
They're unreliable but I don't think I would miss a second bus in those 75 minutes...maybe a third one.
awesomeness about egged. sorry about the muffin. you feeling alright? post a picture! :-)
It looks the same! I was just joking.
Miriam did that once! But, on an apple. How you managed that with a muffin is another story and rather impressive.
wow!! yay for egged! ya i was always annoyed that i couldn't use my kartisya ever cause i always had to buy a maavar! thats really cool they changed that! also remember how u lost ur wallet like a month before u got married? and u found it at egged lost and found?? so they were good for that too no?
sorry about ur tooth man! do u go to the dentist while ur pregnant? every one tells me i'm suppossed to... but ein li koach to make an apoitment